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Welcome to Life in Transition.

Within the process of living, life has a way of being interrupted.   By small things – telephone calls, salespeople, changing the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  Those things are just a matter of course and are required for day to day existence, by someone.

However, it’s the large events that have the most impact on us, the ones that change relationships and change our sense of self.  They determine how we invite people into our lives, bring children into our families, change careers, interests, family, friends and lovers. Transitions require us to not only to say hello, but to say goodbye, sometimes for moments, many times forever.  By their very nature transitions make us fluid or make us break.  We are changed by whatever they’ve wrought.  

Yellowstone-115Please visit these pages to explore how I and so many others have experienced transition.  The scars they’ve left behind, whether new, or newly healed, are the reminders of what we’ve been through.  And, like how scars strengthen our skin, our experiences have made us stronger, though we may not feel that strength for a long time. 

Transitions are not easy; they’re not free of pain.  

But they are required.

As you go through transition, may you be aware of, and embrace, the love that surrounds you.


Susan D. Harness