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Riley’s Roundup


Riley’s Roundup (click on the hyperlink to view video)

Riley’s Roundup was a fundraising event for the Children’s Organ Transplant Association, to benefit Riley’s the costs not covered by insurance during his three-month long stay in Children’s Hospital of Colorados Pediatric Intensive Care Unit .   Although insurance covered much of it, there were items it didn’t cover, such as hotels, gas to and from the hospital, meals, and they all add up over the course of 90+ days.

There were a lot of beautiful things people did to help Chris and Steph cope during this time: some sent cashier’s checks to cover expenses, or dining gift cards.  Some brought toys that Riley could play with, because he was still a pretty active little boy.  But then there was the high-level deductible on the insurance, and items that didn’t get counted toward the deductible.  All of this on top of the stress of young parents with their first child.  What the kids remember is the people who visited, who spent time with them, who spent time with Riley, who wrote them, sent them cards.  They remember the staff, who showed so much kindness, compassion and dedication to children in health crisis.  And when Riley passed, unable to access a pediatric liver in time, Allnutt Funeral Home Riley’s funeral expenses.

With 300 people in attendance, the Celebration of Life service was standing room only for this little guy who spent just a year on this earth, and all knew him personally.  There are just some people who are old souls, who draw others to them, who are familiar in their wisdom and what we have to learn from them, not matter how short the time frame is.  Riley is remembered with so much love.

Hodi’s Halfnote, a local music venue, donated space and tables for the silent auction and social gathering.  We also thank Julie Hoest and her band for giving us the music that made the fundraiser so very special and fun.  And thank you Lisa Nelson and Lori Nielsen, and so many people at EDM, Int’l. that made the fundraiser happen.  Your love and support provided all of us a sense of foundation in a storm.

And thank you Joel Hurmence for putting together this beautiful video of Riley for the fundraiser.  Riley’s favorite movie was The Lorax, and he loved the songs in it.   And for Chris and Steph, the line in the Lorax that became their stand was, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot.  Nothing is going get better.  It’s not.”

Thank you for everyone above, and anyone interested in knowing more about pediatric organ donation, for caring “a whole awful lot.”